Dallas Observer Masterminds 2013: Meet the Winners of Our Annual Art Awards

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The Finalists
Narrowing hundreds of nominations down to six Masterminds took a little booze, a lot of work and some tough decisions. Here are six artists who didn't win this year but whom we think you should know about.

Danielle Georgiou
Georgiou was everywhere last year, raising eyebrows via her Harakiri performance at CentralTrak, her participation with collective In Cooperation with Muscle Nation, and her Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, which infiltrated venues like Bryan Street Tavern and Double Wide. facebook.com/dgdg.daniellegeorgioudancegroup

Justin Terveen
When lightning strikes in Dallas, Terveen is there. Like, every time. He has a Spidey sense about the weather, and he excels at translating the landscape of Dallas. He also captured other jaw-dropping moments in 2012, like when people were stranded on the Midway Stratosphere ride at the State Fair. theurbanfabric.com

Jeff Swearingen
Actor and improv comic Swearingen has been all over North Texas stages in the last few years, and his endeavors -- like 2011's 48-hour Whole Whole Lotta Improv marathon -- go beyond just getting a laugh. marycollins.com/jeff-swearingen

Carlos Donjuan
Painter Donjuan has elevated graffiti from Chicano subculture to fine art, via his colorful, often-masked images of people, fantastical creatures and rural landscapes. He's also a member of the Sour Grapes graffiti crew. carlosdonjuan.com

Willie Baronet
Baronet's eye for design led him most notably to "We Are All Homeless," an art project in which signs collected from the homeless were given to random people, shedding light on those who are often ignored. williebaronet.com

Bart Weiss
As the artistic director of the Dallas VideoFest, which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, Weiss' passion for video art is unmatched in this city. He's stayed on the cutting edge of technology and championed emerging artists, a forward-thinking mindset reflected in 2012's festival. videofest.org

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God, you fuckers truly are clueless, aren't you??


Felicitaciones maestro Dylan!


Great selections. Congratulations Dylan and Erica. (and the others as well, although I don't know you personally) Richly deserved. 

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