Dallas Observer Artopia 2013: Thanks for Coming, Being Weird

Jay Barker
Don't worry, it was just a fashion statement.
Last week we introduced our 2013 Masterminds, local artists to whom we awarded $1,000 each for their work making Dallas a stranger, more interesting place to live. And on Saturday night, we honored them at our annual Artopia culture jam, featuring art, fashion, food, music, and some seriously shiny low-riders, part of the Dallas Contemporary's new exhibition.

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It was as eclectic as a crowd as you'll find in this town, and everyone was quite lovely. Thanks to everyone who came. To everyone who didn't: You'll get'em next year. In the meantime, see what you missed in our slideshow, "The People of Dallas Observer Artopia 2013."

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Dallas Contemporary

161 Glass St., Dallas, TX

Category: General

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Sofia Gomez
Sofia Gomez

Seriously. Why is this not offered on your Facebook page? Could it be poor writing? Next time - if you are going to sling the truth- be honest with dignity and a grace for language. And respect for your own craft.

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