14 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Weekend, January 24 to 28

(Look up to see video evidence of last year's Artopia.)
Giant weekend alert: I hope you've recovered from FluFest 2013, because you'll need your A-game if you want to hit up Friday's Shining-themed costume party, tonight's '70s Motown bash and an Art Con 8 thank you joint on Monday.

Personally, I've got a one track mind like Johnny Thunders, with an obsession fixated on Artopia, the Dallas Observer's massive celebration of the party arts. It's Saturday night's major rager, and if you do nothing else this weekend, I greedily suggest you do that.

In the meantime, share this list with your shake-it squad and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one grovelling at the feet of our 2013 Masterminds, center stage, surrounded by lowriders.)

Thursday 1.24
Identity Book at Goss-Michael Foundation -- Until recently GMF has been rather unrelatable to many, which is a shame since they bring in some solid talent. But --- BUT -- they've started partnering with other groups around town, "reaching out," as the kids say. Last week GMF held a free GIF workshop as a prelude to an Oliver Francis show and on Thursday they'll pair up with the town's friendliest artspace, Oil and Cotton, to offer a class on Identity Books. It'll be a crafty fun self-explorationathon and your $65 participation fee goes to support local arts scholarships. Slow claps to Goss-Michael.

leather party.jpg
No, you can't touch the hair. Throw down with Motown, on Thursday.
77 Motown Leather Casting Party and Burlesque Show -- Some local filmmakers are tackling a new project called 77 Motown Leather and they want you to be in it -- well, maybe. They'll need to get a good look at you first. Here's the deal: show up to Club Excuses (Club One) or (Club You've Never Had A Reason To Visit Before, Ever), dressed in your flyest 70s-inspired get-up. There'll be a party, a mega-foxy burlesque show, and lots of people parroting that old wa-chicka-wah-wah porno-synth riff.

Kyle Kinane at Addison Improv
-- If we're the generation of underachievers, then Kyle Kinane is our reluctant comedy overlord. Oh no, don't bow; that takes way too much effort. He's got a weekend run in Addison, and you can read an interview with him right here on Mixmaster.

Friday 1.25

Music at the Mansion -- If I can give one piece of advice to couples it's this: Don't settle for the dates you're dealt. If another Friday means take-out, followed by Netflix streaming, use this chamber concert in a mansion to up the romantic stakes. You'll both suddenly remember that you clean up pretty nice while you enjoy 18th and 19th century music and instruments performed by a tiny clutch of Fort Worth Symphony players and FW Opera singers. Your queue will still be there next week.

Naked Girls Reading -- Yes, it's just as it sounds. They're naked and reading. This edition's theme is "Southern Drawl," so expect literary excerpts harvested from this side of the Mason Dixon Line.

Susie Sue's Shining Birthday Party -- Serving double-duty as Texas Theatre bartender and Wendy Bird to the Lost Boys of Oak Cliff, Susie Sue is one helluva broad. Seriously, she's a keeper. So on Friday, I'd encourage you to dress in your Shining-est best (I'll be the elevator full of blood) and go to her costumed birthday party. They'll screen the Kubrick classic in 35mm, throw down a post-flick dance party, and even host a silent art auction to benefit animals who need homes and tiny bow ties.

Long Live the New Flesh! -- Sure, this mysterious Black Lodge venue is shrouded in intrigue, but any experimental lair promising noise music and video art projections in Dallas has my full support. Add on that we'll get ear scraping sounds by Ulnae, Orgullo Primitivo, and Michael Morris, and I start sewing pom poms made out of fiberglass. Expect a fairly uncomfortable, but good for you, sensory immersion.

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