14 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 10 to 13

Friday 1.11
Charlie Rose Interviews Rory Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. -- Put a Hollywood p.y.t. in front of me and I won't flinch, but toss me in a room with some Kennedys? Forget it: I go flat-out school girl. Now, add Charlie Rose to that room, like at Friday's Winspear Q&A, and I regress into a pre-teen, clutching a heart-shaped pillow and scribbling in a dream journal. Tickets aren't too expensive; they start at $25.

Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker and DJ Douggpound at Texas Theatre -- It's a roast-worthy night of anti-comedy as three of planet Earth's best and most eccentric funnymen form a triforce. You know Tim from Tim and Eric's Awesome Show, Good Job! and DJ Douggpound from his work as Editor on Portlandia, and you probably know Hamburger from his Tuesday night residency at the Pizza Barn off Highway 20 in Atlantic City. Neil himself guaranteed us "a strong evening of potential laughter." SOLD.

Austere Magazine Release Party
-- Four women in Denton are shaking up the world of self-published print. They've been assembling interviews, creating video content, designing graphics, hand-binding issues and generally kicking the jams out of Austere's two existing issues. On Friday they launch their latest edition, a fashion-rich rag simply bursting with great photography. There's a party -- and it's shaping out to be major. You'll NEED TO RSVP IN ADVANCE if you want to pop in. Do that.

Pancakes and Booze Art Show -- I mean, those are all of your favorite words, correct? This nationally touring production heats griddles and flips your flaps on Friday night at Quixotic World. There'll be DJs, body painting, art everywhere and all-you-can-eat pancakes. It's only $5!

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Hey everybody! I originally misfiled that House of Plates Outsiders party under Friday; it's very much on Saturday. (Fixed now) Make sure to mark it's correct date in your nighttime dayplanners, because that thing's going to be CRAZY FUN. Editor's question: Can shoe shiner's polish Converse? We'll report back with the answer on Monday.

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