14 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 10 to 13

Comic, playwright, one-man funny train set to full speed: Mike Birbiglia is in town on Saturday.

Dallas, you looked so precious as you slept through the holidays -- I couldn't bear to wake you. But it's clear that someone ripped the blankets off, because this weekend is like a toddler tantrum of unmissable events. You'll need to micromanage your champagne schedule to hit it all: there are great parties everywhere, comedy shows at unconventional venues, a million art openings, and -- as if that weren't enough -- someone deposited a pair of Kennedys and Charlie Rose at the Winspear. Nerd alert, indeed.

Remember to share this list with your adventure squadron and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one hand-feeding the Kennedys.)

Thursday 1.10
The New Show, at Kettle Art -- Kettle is all about inclusion and encouragement, so while every other gallery in town flosses its biggest and most recognized artists for 2013 opening weekend, Frank's space does the opposite. Swing by tonight from 7 to 10 p.m. to take a look at brand new (to Kettle, anyway) local talent.

David Huntsberger -- This comedian is a favorite opener of Patton Oswald and Nick Swardson; he's also the hand and mind behind a series of hilarious cartoons and illustrations. We get him for one, solitary night when David fills the tiny Deep Ellum joke den, the Dallas Comedy House. See him tonight or hate yourself forever.

Captain Phantasm and the Countdown to Doom! -- So, it's Thursday and you want to take a friend out for a fun night, but you don't trust them at a comedy club. You just have that feeling that they'll heckle or throw something -- dude, try out the new show at PocketSandwich! You're allowed to do those things in this spoofy melodrama -- I mean throwing popcorn is actually encouraged!

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Hey everybody! I originally misfiled that House of Plates Outsiders party under Friday; it's very much on Saturday. (Fixed now) Make sure to mark it's correct date in your nighttime dayplanners, because that thing's going to be CRAZY FUN. Editor's question: Can shoe shiner's polish Converse? We'll report back with the answer on Monday.

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