12 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 31 to February 3

Golden Petal Emma Dress, by Lucy Dang
Lucy Dang, you can dress me all day long, forever and ever.
Friday, 2.1
Texas Next Top Designer's Announcement Gala -- This event is what professionals call "A Big Deal." After weeding through hundreds of submissions, this evening of Texas-raised fashion shows us ensembles by the top 17 in a catwalk throwdown. When it's all over, we'll find out who wins the title, grant money and assistance needed to make their collections, collectable.

Drinks and Inks 2013 -- What do you get when you throw a bunch of Dallas' most tattooed into a party venue sponsored by Tuaca? Eventually, a pounding hangover. BUT! For the duration of Friday's Drinks and Inks affair, you'll also get facetime with tattoo art legend Corey Miller, all kindsa drink specials and music by DJ Ravidrums and Spoonfed Tribe. It's free, folks.

Viva Dallas Presents Mardi Gras!
-- Those ladies at Viva Dallas Burlesque are much too good to you. Not only do they keep the art of tease alive in Dallas, they also save you a few tanks of gas by bringing the French Quarter to you. I know, they're lovely. It's a one-night-only offering, so grab some beads and check it out.

Saturday 2.2
Sunday Peoples Presents Free Bike Repair Day -- Tying in with the Public Trust's current visual ode to two-wheel adoration is a handful of bike-happy events. At Saturday's Repair Day, you can get a complimentary tune up while hanging with other peddle powered folks and drinking free beer. Not bad. Not bad at all.


The Harlem Globetrotters
-- Still the greatest team of misfit pranksters ever to pants a referee, the Harlem Globetrotters are back in Dallas and this time You Make The Rules! (Their words, not mine.) Go to their website and pick your prank! Two balls? Fine! Outnumbered Globetrotters? They'll take it! Then sit back, snort laugh, and watch the hi-jinx ensue at the American Airlines Center.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch Party and Singalong -- Texas Theatre is in love with costume parties, which is fine because we like seeing you in a wig, Dallas. This weekend's wardrobe challenge ties in with its current throw-back offering, the 1991 musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Personally, I'd go as a toppled Wall of Berlin.

Sunday 1.3
Just Be Normal and Watch the Superbowl, Okay? -- Nobody likes a hero, or rather, somebody who on Monday morning says "I didn't see the commercials because I don't have television." Yeah, great. You know what you do have? Access to every bar in town and they're ALL SHOWING THE SUPER BOWL. It's true. I called them. Click here and find a dozen different places where you can watch Beyoncé be awesome at halftime.

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Elspeth Acacia Erickson
Elspeth Acacia Erickson

Just making a correction -- the Observer website says tonight's Tuaca event "Drinks and Ink - Dallas" is at Southside on Lamar (the loft apartment building). Its NOT! It's at South Side Music Hall right next door, at 1135 South Lamar. Spread the word!

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