11 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, January 17 to 20

Cultural artifacts by DZINE drop it to the ground at the Dallas Contemporary
Saturday 1.19
Four Absolute Must-Attend Art Openings -- While last week we cheered on the Dragon Street galleries as they aired out their newest 2013 shows, this Saturday's openings border more on the experimental side of things. That's our favorite side, FYI. I've written a special guide so that you can make it to all four -- beginning with the incredible Charles Mayton at the Power Station, traveling to bicycle adoration at The Public Trust, exploring the best of Cuba at CentralTrak and closing with a tribute to low rider culture at the Dallas Contemporary, by Chicago artist DZINE. You'll need to see all of it.

The Gypsy Wagon's Sixth Annual Rummage Sale
-- Southern shoppers consider yourselves warned: This is the big annual bargain throwdown at Gypsy Wagon. It spans two days, but die hards will want to get there at Saturday's 10 a.m. opening. I mean, what if you can finally afford those pink boots?! You NEED those! Bring cash for this indoor, wings-out, shopping free-for-all.

Joel Hodgson of MST3K at Texas Theatre
-- He used to write comedy for folks like Jerry Seinfeld, then Joel's little cable access program and passion project, MST3K, was picked up by Comedy Central. We're all weirder, better humans because of that. He's in town for one-night-only, and he's presenting the classic MST3K episode of The Pod People, followed by a VIP meet-and-great, and finishing with an awesomely multi-media rich program called "Riffing Myself." In that last bit, Joel unlatches the compression chamber to reveal more than 300 slides from the early days of MST3K along with video and anecdotal blurt-outs. The show's gotten rave reviews at its previous 8 reveals, so don't sleep through your chance to see it in Dallas. By tickets for part, or all, of the evening.

Sunday 1.20
West Side Story at Bass Hall -- Snaps! Dance Fights! Hair comb switchblades! There's a reason why this show is still a very favorite of everyone everywhere -- it's timeless. This is the final day to catch it at Bass Hall so do that or regret it.

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The Prophet Bar
The Prophet Bar

#12: See Taddy Porter's rockin show at our place Friday 1/18!!


@The Prophet Bar Sounds fun! We leave the music recommends to the good, vinyl-brained folks of DC9 at Night. But personally, I always love a night at the Prophet Bar!

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