The Ten Best Photos from Saturday's Dallas Santa Rampage


#10 The whole gang showed up

Santas, reindeer, Jesus and other late-December icons partied 400 deep on Saturday night at Dallas Santa Rampage, 2012. After an initial meet-up at Mockingbird Station, the gang spread cheer the responsible way: by piling onto public transport and infiltrating neighborhood watering holes. Peppermint schnapps sales reached a record-breaking high, according to nobody, and the unseasonably warm temperatures allowed the outfits to get skimpier than ever before. Many stockings were hung.

And really, isn't that the true meaning of the holidays? We think so. We ripped through photographer Danny Hurley's list of Rampage evidence and picked out our ten, most Nog-approved favorites. Here they are, the absolute best scenes from that un-silent night.

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#9 We come to bring you cheer

Photo by Danny Hurley
#8 Santas like the beats that make the booties go bounce

Photo by Danny Hurley
#7 "Uhm, yeah. Just put it on Santa's tab."

Photo by Danny Hurley
#6 Tropical Dancing Santa

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