Ten Pieces of Snow Art To Cheer on Dallas' Cold Front

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snow art1better.jpg

Early morning flurries left light frost and a gentle dusting around Dallas, but we at Mixmaster are shamelessly holding out for more. Sure, fancy weather scientists say it's over and that the only thing dropping tonight will be the temperature, but we don't care. We're going to manifest a snow day. To help us do it, here's a photo compilation of interesting, beautiful or outright weird snow art built in places much colder than North Texas. Now, let's cheer on the white stuff.

snow art2.jpg
By Simon Beck
Snow artist Simon Beck makes football field size images with the tracks of his snow shoes. Yeah, it's a lot of walking.

snow art3.jpg
Summoning an icy steed.

snow art4.jpg
I like this one because it's such a strange muse to draw inspiration from. All of that hard work and those frozen fingertips... for cleats?

snow art5.jpg
She's lovely, even if her headdress does resemble french fries. Delicious, icy french fries.

snow art6.jpg
He's got a face you can trust, plus one amazing hat.

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