27 Perfect Gifts For Every Type of Human in Your Life

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For: Chest Hair Havers

We Are 1976, Henderson, $28 to $45

Guys like pocketknives. Even when they just use them to cut tags off super cute new tops. Well, if they're going faux macho, they might as well go in style.

15Knockdown Dolls.JPG
For: "I Love Bowling and Balls"
Knockdown Dolls
We Are 1976, Henderson, $75

The frustration of every Midway game ever brought to life exists in these hand-painted knockdown dolls by clearly-whimsical artist, Jason Cohen. Perfect for that special someone in your life with multiple interests and/or ADD.

16Cat Tape.JPG

For: Cat Lovers, Meow Meow
Cat Tape Dispenser

We Are 1976, Henderson, $17.95

Just because you love cats, doesn't mean you're sad and lonely. In fact, sometimes you even need tape in an adorable tape dispenser. You know so you can hang up all those cat pictures and rogue furballs. Juuust kidding. CATS!

17Lipstick Glasses.JPG

For: The Germaphobe
Permanent Lipstick Tumbler

Grange Hall, $70

Watch your little paranoid friend reel when presented with this lipstick-marked glass. It's painted on and completely sanitary, but let's just keep that between us.

18Feather SkullA.JPG
For: When You Want To Get In Someone's Pants...and They're Very Macabre Pants
Feather Skulls

Grange Hall, $4,755

Let's be adults, if you buy these for someone you want them restraining-order-level-of-bad. You also might have severed heads in your freezer, but let's focus on the positive. For the price of a gently used Buick Le Sabre, you can buy a feathered skull. Homicidal jokes aside, it's pretty freaking spectacular.

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