27 Perfect Gifts For Every Type of Human in Your Life

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Photo by Catherine Downes

For: Wo-mers (Women)
Cast Pewter Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings

f. is for Frank, Starting at $46

If there's a full-blown girl or transitioning male in your life, you need f. is for Frank for four reasons:
1.) You need a gift that doesn't suck.
2.) Their jewelry is so, so, so, so, so amazing.
3.) Everyone loves it.
4.) There isn't a fourth reason. You got pranked.

Photo from estie's Etsy site
For: The Friend That Likes You More Than You Like Them
Necklaces Inspired By Nature

estieMade, Starting at $22

Every year you have one friend-ish who gets you a massive Sun Ripened Raspberry bundle from Bath & Body Works and every year you rue the day you ever met. Fight fire with fire with an awesome estie necklace that looks like you paid waaay more than you did. Especially since estie uses geodes, quartz, leather chevrons and more. Here's a fun thing, estie is on Etsy. Enjoy verbally explaining that.

Yeah Lenny, just throw on a silk vest. Great.
For: The Person You Clearly Hate
Any and All Lenny Kravitz CDs

Wherever People Still Buy CDs, $ Too Much

If you need to remove someone from your life permanently, get them a Lenny Kravitz CD. His rendition of "American Woman" almost single-handedly ruined my formative years and no doubt, yours too.


For: When You Want To Burn Your Money
Caswell-Massey On The Go Shaving Kit

Urban Outfitters, $30

This travel set comes with a calming aftershave balm, original shave cream and essential pre-shave oil. All in a handsome clear plastic pouch. It's available in three scents - Almond, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood - but it doesn't really matter what scent you choose. Everything smells the same when it's never used.

12Terrarium Ornament.JPG

For: Even-Less-Green-Thumbs
Terrarium Ornament

We Are 1976, Henderson, $12

The beauty of this little beauty is it's a terrarium of already dying leaves so your dumb friend can't kill it any further. And it's only $12. And it's adorable.

For: Immature Males, JK ALL MALES (And Some Mean-Spirited Ladies, Too)
We Are 1976, Henderson, $28 to $33

These hand-carved, smooth as glass slingshots are peacocking the shit out of those neon stripes. Now, I'd never shoot anything with this, but then again, I don't have testes. Fun fact for anyone alive twenty years ago, the medical tubing used on these used to be on flip flops called Tiddies.

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