27 Perfect Gifts For Every Type of Human in Your Life

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4Dino Planter.jpg
For: Not-So-Green Thumbs
Dinosaur Planter

Starting at $18, The Plaid Pigeon

Okay so the shipping at The Plaid Pigeon is only slightly less than your college tuition, but who even cares?!? It's a DINO PLANTER with rocks and a succulent. (Imitations have air plants. Garf.) You can pick the animal and the color and our merry little Austin friends will ship it. And since it's a succulent, it'll take a lot longer to kill!!

Photo by LILCO Press
For: A Friend You Like With Emotion, Not Dollars
Hola Postcard
Lilco Press, online and at Oil and Cotton, $4

Lilco Press is a local printmaker that uses polymer plates, hand-carved linoleum and the thickest paper you can find. Seriously, it's like her postcards, cards and art prints are created on motherfucking maxi pads. So plush! And presumably absorbent! Which makes her $4 Hola, Amigo or Gracias postcard perfect for framing.

6Tom and Judy.jpg
From the Tom Sale Facebook page
For: The Person You Love Most
Hand-stitched Ornaments, Handkerchiefs, Apocalypse Quilts

The Tom & Judy Show, $15 to $450

If you missed the Tom & Judy Show Annual Holiday Sale, don't worry, they're selling the leftovers on Facebook. You'll find festive rabbit turd cards, chicken-embroidered "fuck off" pillows and framed skulls made of multi-colored thread. Plus you'll finally get to ask yourself, "Who should I give 'VD,' too?"
Call dibs on Tom Sale's Facebook:

7Tiny Easels.JPG

For: The "Artist"
Tiny Easels

Oil & Cotton, $5

Your flaky friend took one oil painting glass and suddenly they're an artist. Well, now for $5 you can passive-aggressively support their new pursuit -- they'll ditch it and move on to aristocratic blacksmithing next month anyway. Faking it has never been cheaper or easier, because tiny easels only put you out $5.

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