Peek Inside Wigwam, the Anti-Gift Shop Gift Shop

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Why hello to you too. Stationery by Lilco Letterpress.
Sifting through photos to learn more of who's involved with Wigwam, the pop-up shopping experience launching on Thursday in Oak Cliff, has tipped us into a dangerous level of excitement. It's the type of fervor that makes you rethink the phrase "emergency fund" and question who really needs a 401K, anyway.

The four-day event combines Dallas' best independent jewelry makers, leather craftsmen, luxury bath goods scientists and flat-out artists to provide a personal shopper grade platform for holiday gifting. We got a sneak peek to share with you, so call up your landlord and ask if that rent check has really cleared, then browse.

noah saddle1.jpg
Saddle bag, by Noah Marion

Noah Marion makes the little things special. From scarf fasteners to billfolds, he places value in simplicity. But in this line, big is also beautiful -- just look at this saddle bag; it's smooth and sculptural and I want to rub my hands all over it.

Planters by Oh Laszlo

These concrete planters cross gifting lines, and are perfect for anyone who appreciates modern design. Plus, how adorable are those little echeveria popping out of the top? It's a little bit southern, a whole lotta charming, and a nice thing to have on-hand. You know you'll need at least one, last-minute hostess present this season.

Lockets by Olivia K. Jewelry

There's something magical about these elegant lockets, so be warned: they'll put a spell on you. Ethically crafted (all jewelry from this line re-works precious metals and stones to limit unnecessary harvesting) and impeccably designed, these pendular pieces would look great on any woman and with any outfit. Best of all, it taps into that Perfect Gift category: I can't tell you how many times I've searched for interesting lockets around the holidays, finding nothing worthy of wrapping. Not this year.

oak cliff soap.jpg
Oak Cliff Soap Company, smell them all!

You can't go wrong with bath and body products, especially ones that are wrapped and stamped with so much love. If sending the gift out of town, it represents the interesting side of where you live. If you give it out locally, they'll know you didn't go to the mall to grab something out of desperation. Plus, there's a kick back, with a portion of what you spend going back to Oil and Cotton, so they can continue bringing valuable arts education to our community.

All that said, just look at these scents and textures: Lemon Polenta, Desert Sage and Aloe Oatmeal to counteract winter's skin mischief.

That's just a tiny look. There's more -- a lot more. Furniture, jewelry from f. is for frank, positively beautiful bike bells, hand-stamped stationary and anything else you need to make your giving more enjoyable, and less wrought with stress.

Besides, can you shop with a tamale in one hand and a cocktail in the other at the mall? No doll, that's a Wigwam perk. Check out the website and facebook page for more information. Wigwam is next door to Oil and Cotton at 835 W. 7th, in Oak Cliff.

Hours are: Thursday, 7 to 10 p.m.; Friday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Here's the full list of participating artists:

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Thanks for the buzz! Can't wait for Wigwam. FYI, the image at the top, the papel picado cards are by Lilco Letterpress. Thanks! Lily / Lilco

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