Our Six Favorite Artist-Made Ornaments from Blue Yule

ornament double twinkie.jpg
By Harlen Johnson
This ornament had a Twinkie inside, 'cause you might get peckish during the pending Hostess apocalypse.

Each year the MAC puts on a killer holiday party/fundraiser called Blue Yule. The event's main draw is the quasi-competitive ornament sale, where guests politely booty check each other to reach the piece they like most, first.

Handmade creations all, the holiday cheer dangles from wire throughout the room. The pendulous immersion leaves you feeling like a giant cat, resisting the urge to bat at each with your less prominent cocktail hand. We popped in on Saturday evening to exercise mild restraint and terrible iPhone photography skills. Surprisingly, we only broke a few things while picking our six favorites.

ornament fish.jpg
By Carol Cook
What's tough to see from this crudely snapped photo (my bad), is scale. I swear it was <<<<===================>>>> THIS BIG. We're going to need a bigger tree.

ornament sexsantaskeleton.jpg
"Happy Sex Life Xmas Ornament" by Carlos Nichols
Who doesn't love a Sexy Santa Skeleton? Also, nice use of glitter.

ornament dino.jpg
By Jacque Forsher
There's a few reasons why this one is charming. 1.) It's roughly a foot tall. 2.) It's a dinosaur. 3.) There's a saddle on it, so you could put a smaller dinosaur on this giant dinosaur.

ornament jax.jpg
Jax! By Jane Damon
How'd you get 'em in there? Also, I really want to play jax right now. Also, does anyone actually remember how to play jax?

ornament tex.jpg
Big Tex on Fire, by Marianne Phelps
Because the holidays are about spending time with those you love. R.I.P., Tex.

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