The 20 Best, Weirdest and Most Bizarre Dallas Costumes of 2012

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Photo by Catherine Downes
From A-Kon, 2012

Dallas, you're crazy and that's why we love you. From conventions to pet parades, zombie runs to Kiss concerts, you found a way to stand out from the crowd. You know why? Because normal is boring, that's why.

Let's take a look back at the strangest, most beautiful or simply most inventive costumes of 2013. Here's our top 20.

Photo by Catherine Downes

Lady, I don't know how you drank or sat or got in the cab at the end of Halloween, but you brought the party. I salute you for going wild, girl.

Photo by Roderick Pollum

I still can't figure out why Jack isn't more excited. He's at a Maxim Magazine party and the ladies be hangin'.

Photo by Jay Barker

The Gay Pride Parade was off, like a dozen chains. Shantay, you stay.


Commitment to costume? Nailed it.

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Yeah, a good portion of these photos suck. There are convention photos posted on 4chan and dA that are far better than this tripe.

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