For Three Hours Tomorrow, Ticket Prices for Jekyll and Hyde are Based on Your Hair's Length.

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Jekyll & Hyde's Constantine Maroulis2.jpg
Jekyll & Hyde's Constantine Maroulis
Last week the Observer's theater critic, Elaine Liner, dedicated an entire mini review to the limelight-stealing, self-animating powers of Constantine Maroulis' hair. The locs are currently starring in the Broadway Series musical, Jekyll and Hyde at the AT&T Center, and it seems her words really started something. Now everyone's chatting about his power mane, and its transformative scrunchy magic. Maroulis' hair is officially (unofficially) the talk of Dallas, a rare feat in our scared land of aerosol.

Cashing in on the head cred, the Center has partnered up with Jekyll & Hyde Salon for one of the oddest promotions we've seen. Happening tomorrow, on Tuesday, December 11, those with exceptionally long, lively hair and the frustratingly bald can score big discounts on tickets to see the show. That's because AT&T Center is setting up a remote box office at the salon from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and ticket price will be based on your hair length.

Yes! They'll measure your mane and subtract $10 for every inch of growth. Plus, if you buy a seat to the show, you'll get a $20 voucher for services at Jekyll and Hyde Salon.

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Don't worry, bald folks. Your shine will be celebrated with a flat rate, $50 discount. The promotion is only good for premium seats, which rest originally in the $85 to $95 bracket. But whoever gets measured may buy up to 4 passes with their discount, so send that friend who's still rocking hair extensions.

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This offer was the highlight of my day.  Having hair longer than 6 inches, my tickets were only $25 each - no splitting hairs over that price.

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Sorry but this is a sub-par show, good production values but seems some secondary players have better voices than the stars.  The lead vocals are too often muddy to unintelligible, some enunciation coaching would be helpful or could be they're both just over miked.  And does every song have to be sung as an 80s power ballad?

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