This Fort Worth Stylist Wants to be Inked Head-to-Toe; She's Well On Her Way (NSFW)

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Photos by Amy Price
Desiree Yanez's impeccable hair is no match for her flawless tattoos. The 22-year-old hair stylist at Esoterica Salon in Fort Worth has dedicated pretty much her entire body to the art of tattoos. Her knuckles bare the words "Pish Posh" in delicate cursive and can only be read when held closed. "Something my mom used to say," Yanex says. She "never cussed, so instead of saying 'bullshit' she'd say 'pish posh.'"

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Yanez's right arm is covered in a memorial for her parents. "This arm is kind of my dark fantasy," she says. "I lost my parents a year ago and I kind of have a screwed-up life so this lets me kind of tell my story."

Her fantasyland is made up of winding forest-green vines and roots, all encompassed under a giant cracked skull, which she says represent death. Peeking in and out of her twisted fairytale are small rats.

"I have rats on my arm but not too many people know much about rats," she says. "They just think they're disgusting creatures, but they can survive through anything. They'll eat their way through anything just to get to their destination."


On the top of her right shoulder is a bottle of love poison leaking out onto her sleeve. "I think love is a poison ... you end up hating who you love anyways."


Rounding the corner is a zombie portrait resting on her right collarbone. Yanez calls her "Juanita." She says she got Juanita during a trip to New York from a well-known portrait artist. She asked for a zombie, and this is what he came up with.


On the opposing side is a knife slicing through big puffs of buttery popcorn. She says her father had given her a knife before she moved to Dallas when she was 18. "It's a memorial tattoo for him. His nickname was popcorn. He only had one tattoo on his body: the word 'popcorn.'"


Her left sleeve is a tribute to her family and the people she's lost.

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