Great Last Minute Holiday Presents From Dallas' Museum Gift Shops

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You're pressing the edge of online shipping, nobody wants to be near the mall and Christmas will be here in five days. We have ideas, or rather the Perot Museum, Nasher and Dallas Museum of Art do. Those gift shops are packed with scores for everyone on your list, and by supplementing your holiday shopping in those institutions, you're also supporting local arts. See that, you went from way behind to holiday hero in no time at all.

Gifts for the inquisitive rug rat (Above):

Left --Exciting book of science experiments Perot: $14.95

Center -- Ultra plush dino slippers Perot: $19.99

Right -- Vault of elements, based on Theodore Gray's famous collection, with a bunch of real elemental miniatures (including gold). Perot: $39.99 [Note: If your kid is older, there's a great app of this element chart available that uses fun,3D imaging]

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Gifts for Dad:
Mustache Pen -- Dallas Museum of Art: $5.95

Moleskine -- You can get as many apps as you like, but nothing replaces a classic. Get it lined for notes or blank for sketching -- the DMA has 'em all -- and tuck business cards into the secret back pocket. -- Dallas Museum of Art: $12.00

Typewriter Cuff Links -- You don't need to be a writer to wear these, but if you are a writer you must own them. They're dapper, fun and a nice addition for a date night. -- Nasher Sculpture Center (Price tucked underneath)

museum mom.jpg

Gifts for Mom:
This beautiful necklace is composed of concrete beads, gently sculpted into geometric shapes. And that use of gold is just stunning. -- The Nasher: $275.00

Split-level tea cups and bowls. Positively charming little things that you must see up close to appreciate. They're flying, so if you want 'em, you better hustle. -- The Nasher: Cup and saucer sets are $30 and bowls are $60.

Dino Slippers, because mom deserves to have fun too. (And they come in adult sizes) Perot: $19.99

Museum boy1.jpg

Gifts for boys of many ages:
Left: A Venus Fly Trap, in an easy-to-care for terrarium. Perot: $8.99

Top: The World's Coolest Flask -- See, they call this a "water bottle," but that metal clip is removable. Unsnap that and it converts effortlessly into a 1/2 liter capacity, go-anywhere flask that can cheat it's way through metal detectors. Also, it comes with a very hygienic scrubbing brush and is decorated with the universe. Can't beat it. Perot: $9.99.

Bottom: Dino Ice Cubes -- Perot: $12.99

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