17 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Week, December 6 to 12

Finally, a holiday message I can get behind. These, and more twisted cheer, will be on sale at the Tom and Judy Holiday Show. (See Friday)
You can view this week's list in two ways: holiday event guide, or holiday survival guide. Take your pick. We've got well-curated, artist-run shopping parties to help you avoid the soul-shattering mall parking lots; art shows to rejuvenate your energy supply; and even a holiday-themed haunted house to redirect your stress and heart rate. Elves with knives and apocalypse quilts? It must be Christmas!

Gift exchange this list through your friend circle, and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one putting Chain-saw Santa in time-out.)

Thursday, 12/6
WIGWAM -- This hip little pop-up gift shop (emerging next door to Oil and Cotton) isn't your parents' gift market. These artists create lovely goods like meticulously tinkered bicycle bells, hand-stamped stationery, luxurious leather handbags and bewitching jewelry. PLUS YOU CAN SHOP WHILE DRINKING COCKTAILS AND EATING TAMALES. Sorry to yell, I just get so excited.

Holiday Presence at Kettle
-- They've turned the heat up at Kettle, bubbling over with cheer in anticipation of Holiday Presence. The gift show/sale gives us the best and craftiest side of Kettle artists, and is another great way to support our local makers of goodies, rather than that gawdawful mall.

burlesque friday.jpg
Santa, I've been so naughty.
Friday 12/7
Festivus Follies -- Those lovely ladies of Viva Dallas Burlesque want to be the brandy in your eggnog -- warming, alluring and filling your mind with mischievous thoughts. They've got a big holiday show on Friday night; expect a two-parts-naughty to one-part-nice ratio.

Green Bandana's Ash Fridays, Post Paris
-- There's a new event space/party realm in town called Ash Studios, and I'm told it's an unmatched art hideaway. A little bit sculpture garden, a whole lot passion project, Ash will have its first major bash on Friday in this new weekly pop-up party series. There are DJs, booze, a bonfire (read: bring extra alcohol and s'mores supplies) and a party that dares ask the question: "What do you do after you've partied in Paris? Maybe the answer is Berlin. Maybe the answer is this."

Dead Week Print Show -- Before exams, there is dead week. It's a chance to cram all those facts you were supposed to study before, into your dome piece. It's also a chance to party. Do that, Denton-style, at Friday's art/music showcase featuring posters by P.A.N.T.S., the Printmakers Association Of North Texas Students. The music bill is great too: New Fumes, Zorch, Summer of Glaciers, Def Rain and Ulnae.

post future.jpg
Post Future, by Matthew Koons -- This one-man show of hand-cut collage, happening at RO2 Art Downtown, will likely invigorate you like Superman entering the crystalline Fortress of Solitude. You'll get lost in the work, and absorb enough incandescence to glow and flow through the rest of December.

Tom and Judy Holiday Sale -- These wonderfully twisted artists make great, weird holiday ornaments, embellished with phrases like "Elf Twat." They'll also reveal two, count 'em, TWO apocalypse quilts. I don't know what that means, but I'm determined to find out.

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