Wheel Of Fortune Searches Dallas for Contestants This Weekend! That's You!

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The Wheelmobile team rolls into North Texas in search of contestants to play on "wheel of fortune," america's #1 syndicated series

WHAT: Wheel of Fortune's Wheelmobile, the show's promotional vehicle, will be in North Texas in search of some good game players who are energetic, enthusiastic and fun. Viewers interested in being a contestant on an upcoming episode are invited to attend. Fans will have the opportunity to fill out an application, have his or her name drawn at random to play a simulated version of the game onstage, win unique prizes and be evaluated as a potential contestant for the broadcast version of the show.

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, November 17th Southfork Ranch*
1 PM - 5 PM 3700 Hogge Drive
Parker, TX 75002

* Please note that there will be a $10 charge for parking. Parking for the event will be available via the Gate 4 entrance to Southfork Ranch. There will be no charge for admission to the Wheelmobile event. The event will take place inside the Oil Baron's Ballroom located within the Events Center. Applications will be distributed inside the Lone Star Atrium. Doors to the Lone Star Atrium will open at 11 AM.

Sunday, November 18th Music Hall at Fair Park**
1 PM - 5 PM 909 First Avenue
Fort Worth, TX 76164

** Limited free parking will be available at the gated parking lot across the street from the Music Hall at Parry Avenue and Second Avenue. The parking lot is located between First Avenue and Second Avenue at Parry Avenue. The entrance to the parking lot is on the Second Avenue or South side of the parking lot. Additional parking will be available on the Fair Park grounds at a cost of $10 per vehicle. The event will take place inside the Music Hall. There will be no charge for admission to the Wheelmobile event. The main entrance for the event will be on the North side of the Music Hall, accessed through Gate 4 and located at the circle drive area in front of the building. Applications will be distributed in the restaurant located inside Music Hall at Fair Park.

Staff members from the Wheel of Fortune promotions team will begin handing out applications one hour before each show begins. Searches will be held at 1 PM, 2:30 PM and 4 PM, with each show lasting about an hour. Everyone who attends the event will be able to submit an application. Participants will be selected to come to the stage and audition via a random draw.

WHY: "The Wheelmobile tour gives us the opportunity to present local viewers with a unique and personal experience with the show. It's a way for us to thank our viewers for their long-term support, and for making the show #1." - Executive Producer Harry Friedman

The majority of contestants who appear on Wheel of Fortune come out to Wheelmobile events in their hometowns.

Since its inception in 1999, the Wheelmobile has logged over 275,000 miles and has visited over 250 cities

Nearly one million Wheel of Fortune fans have attended Wheelmobile events

STATION INFORMATION: Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights at 6:30 p.m. on CBS11. For more information on the Wheelmobile, tune into CBS11, log on to cbsdfw.com or visit wheeloffortune.com.

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Bone Head
Bone Head

Am all over this Sunday! All I have to do is walk across the street! :)

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