On The Eve: "Because Time Travel is Fun"

With as much control as we exercise over our own existence, its retelling is left to those who follow us. In some instances, like Christopher Columbus, an inordinate amount of fame is lavished. For others, like Marie Antoinnete, the story would water down a different tributary, and its path of notoriety would be a cruel one.

But if local band Home by Hovercraft and its co-conspirator writer, Michael Federico have anything to say about it, that's all about to change. And it will take a cast of 18, nine musical numbers, some stop-motion video, two Irish dancers and five to six time-traveling hot air balloons to do exactly that.

Don't worry, they're up for the challenge.

Toppling public perception isn't an overnight task. In fact, creating their new rock musical On The Eve, opening November 30 at the Magnolia Lounge in Fair Park, has been a theatrical endeavor several years in the making. As a group, they've been friends since college, but after diplomas were doled out, geography limited their collaborative abilities. Michael wound up in New York and husband/wife team Seth and Shawn Magills hopped around, eventually settling their roots down deep in the Dallas caliche.

But Federico returned as well and joined the company at Kitchen Dog Theatre. It didn't take long them to act. They were soon meeting regularly -- to create a revolution, about a revolution.

The music of Home by Hovercraft lends itself to thematic adventure, napsacked with philosophy. Bold and caring, the anthems are designed to envelop the characters of On The Eve, rather than simply drag them from scene to scene. Its being played live, with a full band. So be warned: you might contract a contact epiphany.

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