The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, November 8-11

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Come for the guns, stay for the laughs.
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Sean Kent at Hyena's in Fort Worth
"I write a fuckload 'cause otherwise I get bored," says Sean Kent. "I don't wanna say the same stuff every year."

You hear that, guys? A fuckload. That's a completely measurable amount, and it's the perfect number of jokes for this weekend. Sean will be at Hyena's in Fort Worth this Friday and Saturday, and for a comedian with a political bent, I'm sure he'll have a little something to say about the election. Tickets are only $10 with a two-item minimum.

Don "DC" Curry at the Arlington Improv
Don "DC" Curry doesn't discriminate. He hates all children equally. That's why his shows are 21 and up. This legendary actor and comedian yells about everything from his ungrateful kids pulling the plug on him when he's old to eating at broken-down soul food spots with blade-less fans and screen-less screen doors. He'll be at the Arlington Improv Friday through Sunday.

Dov Davidoff at the Addison Improv
With an act that's always changing, Dov Davidoff is a must see for fresh comedy. Bouncing between TV shows, comedy DVDs and touring, Davidoff loves stand-up above all else. Probably because it's the one thing the super-focused funny man can control, to the extent that stand-up is a controllable beast. Which is all the better for his audience. He's is at the Addison Improv this Thursday through Sunday.

Shane Mauss at Hyena's in Dallas
A regular on Conan and The Bob and Tom Radio Show, Shane Mauss has emerged as one of the hottest young comics since winning Best Stand Up Comic at HBO's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in 2007. Make sure to ask him about his completely scientific explanation of how humans ended up bipedal (hint: it involves impressing the women folk). He'll be at Hyena's in Dallas this Thursday through Saturday.

$5 Comedy at the Dallas Comedy House
That's not a type-o, guys. This show, featuring two troupes of recent Dallas Comedy House grads, is just $5. Dallas Comedy House offers a five-level improv program, and this show features the shiny new faces emerging from DCH's comedy cellar. The show is Thursday, from 8 p.m. - 9 p.m., which just so happens to be during Happy Hour. Score.

Location Info


Hyena's Comedy Club Fort Worth

605 Houston, Fort Worth, TX

Category: Music

Addison Improv Comedy Club

4980 Belt Line Road, Addison, TX

Category: General

Improv - Arlington

309 Curtis Mathes Way, Arlington, TX

Category: Music

Dallas Comedy House

2645 Commerce St., Dallas, TX

Category: General

Hyena's Comedy Club Dallas

5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX

Category: General

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