Art Car Spotted at the Texas Theatre

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starry night.jpg

At first glance, you think it's the strangest decision for a wrap, ever. Upon closer inspection, this sedan gets even more perplexing as you realize that it's hand-painted.

Yup. A hand-painted, 360 degree replica of van Gogh's dorm poster classic,The Starry Night. I don't know who the artist/driver is, but in my mind, they're perfect. They're wearing a complimenting shirt from cafe press, and drinking coffee out of a travel mug branded with the same image -- after all, this vehicle inspires extreme-matching dedication.

Personally, if I were to dress up my beat-to-hell Hyundai with van Gogh-inspired pigment, I'd go with Skull of a Skeleton With Burning Cigarette. That's a print that will get you laid.

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That's my ride.  My father, Henry David Canterbelle, led the project to paint the Starry Hyundai.  AMA.

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