13 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas This Weekend, November 15 to 18

There's a rock 'n' roll puppet party with spaceship art at Webb Gallery on Sunday!

Brace yourselves, Dallas. This weekend is loaded up with visits from famouses, homegrown art, and oodles of oddball things falling somewhere in between. There's a sci-fi costume party celebrating the military at an Arlington piano bar on Friday, auditions for Wheel of Fortune all weekend long, and a celebration of spaceships and puppets at Webb Gallery on Sunday. Also: Val Kilmer will be here, getting an award from the Dallas Film Society on Friday! It's a good time to make your weekend gameplan, so share this list with your favorite people and click on the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one dressed as a Wookie.)

Thursday, 11.15

MacHomer -- You've said it a million times: Shakespeare is would be so much better if it referenced beer, donuts and nuclear power. Oh, hey, guess what? MacHomer does exactly that. It's a one-man gig that laces the famous Bard work with Bart, Homer and the rest of Team Simpson. It's one-night-only.

texas theatre.jpg
Oak Cliff Foundation Fundraiser -- Yes, most of you are jamming econo so this event may not suit your bankroll. That said, the OCF is raising cash to perform needed repairs on the Texas Theatre, and you love that place. There's an 80 year-old plumbing leak to mend, a balcony to restore and other aches and pains to address inside that wonderful, historic building. Tonight, $1,000 gets your name on any seat in Texas Theatre, $500 gets your name on a chair in the back of the house and $100 gets you a goodie bag and high fives galore.

Jokers Wild Comedy Night -- It's a freebie night of comedy at the House of Blues. Yeah, free. That's because they love you and want you to check out Bobby Friske, Brad LaCour, Jeffrey Jay, Dominic Harris, Yony Arce and Chelsea Hood without any financial obstacles. That's a comedic full house, so go play a winning hand with zero buy in.

Friday 11.16

Art of Film with Val Kilmer -- The annual fall fundraiser for the Dallas Film Society is being held at the Hall of State of Friday. And it's going to be crazy because the group honors Val Kilmer, in the flesh. You know him from his work in Top Gun, Top Secret! and Real Genius. The rest of the world loves him for all of those "important" movies he made, two of which (The Doors and Batman Forever) will screen on Saturday at the Angelika. There will be red carpet arrivals, dinner and lots of cinematic schmoozing.

DaVerse Lounge's Giant Spoken Word Bash -- For the last 8 years, DaVerse Lounge has built a reputation as a safe place -- a night when personal expression and creativity are credited, accompanied and applauded. For its big birthday on Friday, the community unites for celebration. There'll be art stations by ArtLoveMagic, sets by famous poets Joaquin Zihuatanejo, Will Power and Natasha Carrizosa and scratch workshops with DJ Killtron. It will be amazingly empowering, so go support and throw props at poetry.

Memory Jugs at Oil and Cotton -- Our favorite salvage-slinging eccentric, Bruce Lee Webb, teaches a class at Oil and Cotton on Friday that's sure to blow open some ancient seals. The class will make memory jugs, artfully decorated mason jars used to honor spirits of loved ones. Hey, you need one of those!

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Coleman Chance
Coleman Chance

If you meet Val Kilmer, remember to bring donuts or he'll rip your head off.

Melissa Howell
Melissa Howell

Caleb - I was about to post the exact same thing! "Like minds..." Free screening of The Burbs at Alamo Drafthouse or $500 to get a glimpse of an old, bloated Val Kilmer? I'll take "The Burbs" for free, Alex.

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