Street Style: Arinne Rocks the "Crazy Cat Lady" Look for Halloween

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When we see you on the street and think you put some thought into your style, we may take your picture and ask you things. See previous installations in the Street Style archive.

Arinne's bright purple and blue hair struck us while shopping at NorthPark Center for some last minute Halloween treats. Her style is normally influenced by elderly folks, but she was especially grandma-chic today. "I'm dressed like crazy cat lady for Halloween," she explained.

Name: Arinne Grygorczuk
Age: 19
Profession: Team Leader at Urban Outfitters
Style influences: "I pull [my style] from Grandmas. Today I'm dressed like a crazy cat lady."
Style breakdown: "The shoes are from my grandma's closet, American Apparel socks, skirt from Anthropologie, sweater from Goodwill scarf from Buffalo Exchange and the headband is from Urban Outfitters."


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Hey! those are my shoes...And I thought I was stylish all this time.  Off to the Goodwill donation box.

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