The Top 10 Horror Film Scenes That Messed Us Up for Life (NSFW)

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"What's in the box?" Oh, I know: YEARS OF THEARPY
There's a scene from the 1929 surrealist film Un Chien Andalou that everyone who's taken a film history class will remember: A man (Luis Bunuel, the writer-director) is sharpening a straight razor on his balcony. He then takes the blade and runs it along his thumb. The film shows a tight shot of a woman, staring blankly at us, and Bunuel's hand draws her eyelids back. Then, Bunuel slices the woman's eye open.

It's still one of the most shocking things that's ever been to put to film. Maybe the first that wasn't based on the visceral gore of a new artistic medium. This was not just a scare, it was straight horror. Fast forward to 2012, where hundreds of films -- many of them in the proper horror genre -- contain enough fucked-up scenes to knock us on the couch for years of psychological restructuring.

So, with Halloween around the corner, we'd like to present ten scenes from classic horror films that are so disturbing we're different people upon watching them (with the number of hours of cartoons we had to watch to rid us of said fear). In other words, the 10 best film scenes that fucked us up for life:

10. The Fly - The vomit scene
David Cronenberg's films could inhabit this entire list, but this one's special. In the horrifying, tragic end sequence, Jeff Goldblum, who's nearly made the transition into full human-fly mode, vomits caustic acid onto Bearded Guy's hand. It dissolves as the man screams--and we watch.
Hours of cartoons to cancel out fear: 4

9. Se7en - the "Sloth" victim scene
Many, many, MANY films have tried to live up to Se7en. Few have come close. Maybe that's because the film is an never-ending string of deeply, deeply disturbed moments. One of them? Oh, how about when Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman enter the degraded apartment of a man who's been bound to a bed for a year. The fucked up part comes when SWAT Team member John C. McGinley whispers, "you got what you deserved," AND THE GUY WHO YOU THOUGHT WAS DEAD COUGHS AND LOOKS INSANE.
Hours of cartoons to cancel out fear: 0. Happiness is gone, like our innocence.

8. Shaun of the Dead - David dies scene
Yes, this is comedy. But it's cleverly masked in a pretty-damn-scary movie. Take this clip, where the horrible David (after solidifying his need to die by shooting Shaun's mum) gets ripped apart by zombies. Alive.
Hours of cartoons you'll need to watch after: 30

7. House of the Devil - Samantha's friend dies scene
*Spoiler alert*
There's a moment, nearly a quarter of the way into House of the Devil--a film whose title indicates the protagonist, Samantha's house-sitting gig is really going to go shitty. Samantha's friend Megan (Greta Gerwig) pulls over to smoke a cigarette, and she's pissed because she just dropped her friend off at a very, very creepy place to babysit. Suddenly, a man approaches. He offers Samantha's friend a light. Then, he asks "You're not the babysitter?" She says "no." Then, he blows her face off in one of the most abrupt, shocking gunshots ever put to the screen.
Hours of cartoons you'll need to watch after: 8

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@anamelgar "Hours of cartoons to cancel out fear: 120" o dormir with the TV on for the rest of your life jaja. Falto EmilyRose y Paranormal


@anamelgar "5. Make sure you're eating a big bowl of milky cereal when you watch this light-hearted scene from The Ring." Jajajajajaja


@Dallas_Observer How "Sleep Away Camp" isn't on this list, I will never understand! That last scene will jack a kid up!

Ambelleina Warwillow
Ambelleina Warwillow

@Tim Weir That scene DESTROYED MY LIFE. I am 26 now and I still refuse to walk on top of or directly in front of storm drains.

Casey Colvin
Casey Colvin

When Linda Blair scurried down the stairs in a back bend on her finger tips from The Exorcist. I am scarred for life!

Timothy Weir
Timothy Weir

How did the drainage gutter from IT not make it?


All of this pales in comparison to Greggo's Look of the Day.

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Don't Look Now.. very scary.  I'd add Saw, The Shining, Alien, and Psycho.


 @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz "It" based on Stephen King's novel did it for me.  Pennywise the clown ruined me.  Every time I go up steps that you can see behind, I think about Pennywise and expect to see eyes looking at me.  "Hellraiser" was another good one.  I saw that one by myself at home alone.

nick.rallo moderator

 @1dailyreader  @Myrna.Minkoff-Katz I did the same with Hellraiser. I'm pretty sure after the end, I just sat there with my jaw on the floor until the static head of the VHS hit the TV. Terrifying.

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