Texas Theatre Will Show Skyfall in 35mm.

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There are certain big budget releases that will lure any pale, arthouse-lover to the local multiplex. Bond flicks definitely reside in that category. But this November you won't have to resort to such pedestrian circumstances. Nope. Texas Theatre announced on Twitter that it's getting a 35mm edition of the film Skyfall.


That means you'll get spyjinx, train-top wrestling sequences and Daniel Craig in a Speedo, all while having access to a full bar. Shaken? Stirred? Who cares, it's booze. And you don't have to go near a mall. Thanks, life.

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So having a 35mm print is something to be boastful about now? You know who else will be showing Skyfall in 35mm? Every dollar theater in the entire country.


Not True, Most of your large chains are now 100% Digital. Finding a theatre that sill runs 35mm is getting harder by the month. In case your unaware, all US theatres will be totally digital by 2013 or gone.

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