Neiman Marcus Unveils Jetpacks. Or, "A New Way For Rich Dad To Hurt Himself."

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No, Dad! No!
Our local institution of fashion innovation and gifting technology, Neiman Marcus, has released the 86th edition of its legendary Christmas Book. The shopping season kick-off catalog has morphed over time, growing larger and more extravagant each year. And now, it's offering a jetpack called the JETLEV R200.

The JETLEV R200 attaches to its operator with a stylish, 30 pound harness which lifts him up to 32 feet in the air via hydropressure. The whole thing resembles a giant canister vacuum, where you, the elevated human being flung about, are the cleaning attachment. The engine can run for four hours and scoot around a distance of 80 miles before exhausting the tank's 22-gallon gasoline supply.

Want one? No problem. It sells for a $99,500 and comes with loads of accessory toys and a certification and training course, probably to keep this from happening.

Here's a video of the thing in action:

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

You can ride at lake grapevine for $400. . One-hour sessions include instruction, safety training, and plenty of time in and above the water.


@thechrisleroux @the_mixmaster The jet pack comes with pilot certification training & safety course. Naturally.


@johannguyen MAYBE. Are YOU? cc: @neimanmarcus


@foodbitch @johannguyen You should arrive at the chef's extravaganza via jet pack.

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