Mitt Romney is Selling "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts" Bracelets

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Every Texan's favorite high-school football drama has been an amusing subplot in the presidential campaign ever since Mitt Romney co-opted Friday Night Light's locker-room slogan: "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose." The show's creator didn't approve; the author of the book upon which the show based did.

And the Romney campaign? It's too busy shilling product to notice.

The campaign is now selling a three-bracelet set emblazoned with the show's slogan. It's unclear whether the campaign needs permission to use the phrase on a product, or whether it got it. The latter seems unlikely considering creator Pete Berg's reaction.

If the lawyers at NBC Universal need a template for their cease-and-desist, they can always ask the guys from Silversun Pickups, or countless other bands that have asked campaigns to stop violating their copyrights.

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Clear eyes, full heart.  When I really think about the "whole Romney", that isn't the theme that jumps to mind.  We are so being manipulated; Agreeing with President on foreign policy last night and totally changing his values in the first debate and totally changing his stances in the first debate which flummoxed Obama.    He is changing his tune according to his polls, internal and external.  Beliefs don't change easily!!!!


Before I didn't agree with his party's views at all.  Now, I think he prevaricates way too easily and if he wins, we will never get a straight story out of him.   That's when people abandoned Bush in droves, when they found out about his team's lied (with his support).

Sotiredofitall topcommenter

Seems strangely appropriate since the whole election has devolved into a high-School football rivalry. 

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