Man Thy Sticks: Major League Gaming is Coming to the Dallas Convention Center

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Halo 4 comes out November 6, but you can play it the weekend before at the convention center.
There are types of people in this world: those who game, those who don't, and those who used to game, until they got jobs and wives and kids and life started crushing down on them, although sometimes they think they should just say screw it and leave it all behind for a bar-tending job, a shitty one-bedroom, a giant flat screen and a headset for trash-talking.

All three people have their place in this world. But in competition, those who game are always going to win -- and sometimes they're going to win big. What does it take to win big? We're about to find out.

In just under a month, Major League Gaming (MLG) will close out the 2012 Pro Circuit Season here in Dallas, a three-day tournament with more than $150,000 in prizes up for grabs. From November 2 through 4, the Dallas Convention Center will become a battlefield of the best gamers around. Games in play for the competition will be Halo 4, StarCraft II, Mortal Kombat and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. What's that you say? Halo 4 isn't getting released until November 6? Well now you know that the winner will be the most badass of them all.

Even if you don't think your skills are at competition levels, there will be plenty to do - like meet and greets, product booths, pre-release game access and more - for all attendees.

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