Made in Fort Worth: Dog Poop Bags with Obama and Romney's Faces on Them

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Therapoo: They're for your dogs, we're pretty sure.
It's the first day of early voting, and we all know what that means: We only have a few more weeks of watching Facebook clog up with unfunny Big Bird memes while your Twitter feed on debate night turns into the saddest open mic night ever. Seriously, I'm going to go freeze myself in carbonite like Hans Solo and you can come defrost me after the election is over and everyone just goes back to arguing about Breaking Bad.

Apparently I'm not the only person who shares this sentiment. The fine folks at Therapoo, makers of 100 percent biodegradable dog-poo bags, have cut to the chase whilst also trying to milk the last bit from the election teat.

They've made dog poop disposal bags with caricatures of each candidate. Or political party mascot, if you want to make a statement on a bag of feces but don't want it to get too personal.

So if you're the type of person who sees taking your dog for a walk as the perfect time to open up a political dialogue with strangers or feels like carrying out your end of the social contract gets too mundane and you're looking to spice things up, this is right up your alley.

Here's hoping that after the election ends they open up some sort of suggestion box for potential future poo bags. Imagine the temporary gratification you would feel when using a Larry the Cable Guy dog poo bag while gently muttering to yourself, "No no, YOU get 'er done!"

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Catherine Horsey
Catherine Horsey

There's pretty much no depth to which people won't stoop.

Aaron Watterson
Aaron Watterson

I would buy one of these so I could poop in it myself....And btw, both of these puppets are traitors...

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