Louie Season 4 Won't Air Until 2014; Ratings for Last Minute of Wilfred to Plummet

Ignore the date. Otherwise this post will be very confusing.
It's all Louis CK all the time at Mixmaster HQ, with comedy's leading schlub set to hit Dallas next weekend. Today, though, our Google Alert brings us sad, sad news: Louie, CK's hit FX show, is going on hiatus until 2014.

From The Wrap:

"I want the show to keep getting better," C.K. said on a conference call Tuesday. "I want season 4 to go somewhere new."

C.K. said he thinks of the show's first three seasons as a trilogy, and hopes to begin a new story with the fourth.

He has previously begun filming seasons in March for June airing, which forced him to edit and promote the show simultaneously.

And editing the show, as we all know, is no small task:

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People will eagerly wait for Louie to return, and they’ll start watching again, no matter how long of a break he takes. Several of my co-workers at DISH think it’s smart for him to take his time with his craft, and they will watch, just as I will, whenever Louie does return. For now, I have the whole third season saved on my Hopper’s 2-terabyte hard drive so I can go back and watch them all whenever I need a little Louie-love. Get some rest, man; we’ll be waiting!


hahaha! "Ratings for Last Minute of Wilfred to Plummet"


The show is called "Louie," clearly indicated in the FX ad you used as the cover photo, not "Louis."

joe.tone moderator

 @LDR4 You're so very right. And honestly? I never noticed that the names were spelled differently.



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