A Billiard Bar Bartender and Metal Guitarist Shows Off His Many Tattoos (Photos)

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Photos by Amy Price
In Ink Spot, Amy Price stops strangers in Dallas to shoot, and learn about, their body art.

Jeff Biehler, a 38-year-old bartender (at Billiard Bar and The Foundry) and guitarist for the trash metal band Maleveller, is actually sweeter than his tattoos might portray. On the top of Biehler's right arm is a tribute to his deceased grandfather, by Jeff Brown at Hold Fast tattoo.

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"My father called me not long after my grandfather died and he said 'Hey lets get a tattoo with the Biehler name on it,'" Biehler says. "My grandfather was in World War II and he [my father] had his name Ted on his arm and he wanted to get Biehler because my grandfather was a badass."

The opposing arm is pretty much an Oliver Peck gallery. At the top is a horrifyingly yet sexy Baphmet rocking the upside down cross necklace, and a flaming skull coming out of her crotch region. The Baphmet represents "evil." Biehler said he and Peck like to collaborate to come up with the best art possible. "I want him to be excited about it that way he can do a cool tattoo."


Below the Baphmet is a Kirin, a Chinese mythological creature, a mix between a horse-like figure and a dragon. "I came in and told him I wanted a dragon, and he said what about a Kirin?"

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