A Barcadia Bartender Shows Off Her Many Tattoos (Photos) (NSFWish)

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In Ink Spot, Amy Price stops strangers in Dallas to shoot, and learn about, their body art.

Hustling from bench to bench with handles of my favorite bottomless mimosas, Amber Miller, a 29-year-old server at Barcadia and make-up artist, attracted a lot of attention on a recent visit. Not just because she can juggle an inordinate number of drinks in two hands while running through the packed bar and dealing with intoxicated SMU students, but also because she is covered with many, many tattoos.

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Displayed on the top of her left arm is a life-like image of the iconic Marilyn Monroe. "Marilyn is the ultimate beauty," Miller told me. Marilyn is also the tattoo she is most asked about. "If I had a dollar every time someone asked me about this tattoo it would have more than paid for what it cost -- three times as much actually."

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The praying hands on her inner bicep represent her family's strong religious ties. "Just growing up it's just something that's rooted in me."


Nestled in the nook between her arm and collarbone is the well-known Hello Kitty trademark. This intrigued me since it did not seem to match up with the adjacent half sleeve, so I asked. "Well it matches my credit card," Miller said, brandishing the shiny plastic black, white and pink Hello Kitty card.

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