A Free Rooftop Film Series For Patio Season? Let's Party.

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We are patio addicts. They're where we atone for Saturday night's sins through hungover brunch confessions. We occasionally take our dogs to outdoor happy hours, just so they know the awesome stuff we do without them. And starting this Wednesday we'll occupy one of the nicest patios in town for weekly autumn film screenings, the rooftop perch of the Sundown at Granada.

It's a joint effort between your drinking buddies here at Mixmaster, The Dallas Film Society and the Sundown, and it's happening each Wednesday through November 21. We're kicking it off this week (October 3) with the Hunter S. Thompson classic, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. We'll get the projector rolling at 8 p.m. sharp, so pop in early for pre-cocktails, then cozy up to your attorney, huff some mescaline, and watch Johnny Depp go totally bonkers.

We want to spend every gorgeous Fall Wednesday with you, so here's a list of what we're showing each week. Round up your party posse and join us! It'll be major.

movies granada.jpg

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Allan Vela
Allan Vela

"Hunter S. Thompson classic"? There is no mention of Terry Gilliam (the filmmaker). Thompson didn't even write the screenplay. If you're going to show a film please give credit to the filmmaker.

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