13 Awesome Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend, October 4 To 7

Oh, Bugs. You're such a card.

Whether you're in the mood to shake your can, or to gently park the thing in a chair, there's tons going on this weekend. We've got Bugs Bunny and his gang of cartoon hoodlums taking over the symphony. Red Arrow and Circuit 12 have put together a major street party, which you should bike over to after Art In Motion on Saturday. And Thursday's bash at the Dallas Contemporary is going to be Legendary. Holler at your party gaggle, share this list and click the event titles for more information. I'll see you out there. (I'll be the one trapped under a cartoon anvil.)

Thursday 10.4

Legendary at Dallas Contemporary -- Fort Worth turned Brooklyn artist, K8 Hardy made one of the most interesting additions to the recent Whitney Biennial. She designed and organized a full-scale runway show inside the museum, but the clothing created was more sculpted fabric than anything resembling fashion. Tonight she's doing something similar at the Dallas Contemporary as part of the space's Legendary fundraiser. Tickets are not cheap, but they are worth it.

Design District Market -- Those guys from the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market are bringing that vending flair over to the Design District on Thursday night (5 to 10 p.m.) for an evening of outdoor shopping, food trucks, beer by Peticolas and more. Go take a peek and explore that part of town that's usually reserved for gallery trolling.

pole dancer.jpg
Friday 10.5
Miss Texas Polestar Competition -- Yes, this is a real thing. I swear to God. Here's the deal: you can take pole classes throughout the event's two-day run, watch all kinds of shows and even see a nationally-recognized touring pole performance group on Saturday, but it's all about fitness, okay? Lock up the horndoggiest part of you and don't make honking noises at the dancers, they hate that.

Bugs At The Symphony -- Things are gettin' toony over at the Meyerson, where the symphony plays the soundtracks to your favorite Warner Bros. jams all weekend long. (Note: All fire exits have been replaced with black, painted train tunnels, so do use caution.)

Art Love Magic's Art and Coffee, With A Fashion Show -- A.L.M.'s First Friday Art and Coffees already pull in hundreds of folks to Buzzbrews in Deep Ellum, but this month's edition also includes a thrift store fashion show. The parties are free to attend (you can always kick in a donation) and there's purchasable work by more than 20 local artists, a Dj and a photo booth onsite. Take it all in from 7:30 to 10:30 on Friday.

Vertigo at Texas Theatre -- Ooh, it's so good! As haunting as it is beautiful, Vertigo follows a detective who suffers from violent acrophobia as he attempts to solve a mystery. His fear of heights limits his viewpoint, allowing the case to get murkier. Texas Theatre shows it in 35mm all weekend.

Saturday 10.5
Art In Motion -- This annual Arts District event is a celebration of all things foot-powered, so go ahead and lose those car keys in the couch's cushions. We're inviting all of you to gussy up your bike, wagon, Fred Flintstone sedan -- anything that doesn't require a motor, and join us at the Dallas Museum of Art on Saturday. I'll be there, judging you. Okay, I'll be there, judging your bike decorations. Whoever does the best job pimping out their ride will get prizes. (Yeah! Prizes!) Then, we'll all ride down to One Arts Plaza where there'll be food, drinks and live music by Ishi. Let's roll out, y'all.

Project 1130
-- Those new kids on the Dragon street block (Circuit 12 and Red Arrow) are throwing a major rager. Pop on over to the back lot at 1130 Dragon Street from 7 to 11 p.m. because the space will be filled with live screenprinting, a mural unveiling, a live set by the O's, food trucks and super delicious beer sponsors, Duval and Brooklyn Lager. You can also explore Dragon's newest gallery additions and check out the latest shows at Red Arrow and Circuit 12. The whole shebang is just $10.

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The mainstreaming of pole dancing is so strange.   Yes, let's bring this into the mainstream, this solicitous act that leads to grinding your ass cheeks on a guy's crotch, using his slippery pants as a condom, until he gives you $40 and stumbles away in a haze of semen and cocaine residue.


But it's a great workout, mom!


Our family is going to enjoy a rainy weekend wondering what happened to the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. My kids wonder where these players are going to go on vacation...cuz' it is all over but the shouting and the accusations.


Kinda makes us pine for the Houston Texans, Astros and San Antonio Spurs...hell, even the Fort Worth Cats.

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