10 Great Photos of Dallas Beards And Mustaches

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Parting of the Red Sea, retold through facial hair.

Texans have always taken pride in their whiskers, but few are more enthusiastic than our local facial hair gang Lone Star Beards. They brought our chin lock obsession center stage on Saturday night when they orchestrated Dallas' Inaugural Beard and Mustache Competition at Texas Theatre. There were categories for every niche growing style: beards longer and shorter than 12 inches; ornate mustaches; exceptionally groomed chops and even a ladies round. (By the way girls, that was some truly crafty bearding. Good job!)

Photographer Stephan Masker was there documenting the quest for follicle victory, and you can see his whole slideshow here. We took a straight razor to that list and thinned it down to our ten favorites. Get comfy and run your visual fingers through Dallas' finest beards.

A holy hairy trinity.
The Classic.
The Avant Garde

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