Let's Watch This Pervy Version Of La Jetée Instead, Y'all. (NSFW)

Texas Theatre and Dallas VideoFest are both holding cinematic wakes for Chris Marker. The filmmaker passed away in July, but left the world a more peculiar and interesting place thanks to his fiddling. His still-frame saga of memory exploration, time travel and post-apocalyptic nastiness, La Jetée, has become required art house watching for any aspiring film snob. You'll get two chances to see it on a Dallas screen on September 29, but which option will you pick?

Texas Theatre shows it double-feature style, with 12 Monkeys -- which famously drew inspiration from Marker's original 1962 tale. The Oak Cliff hideout presents 'em in 35mm from Thursday, September 27 until Sunday the 30th.

VideoFest also dishes out the gritty goods on Saturday, the 29th, at 8:30 p.m. in the Dallas Museum of Art's Tech Lab. Staying true to its namesake form, DVF presents this 30ish minute work on high resolution Blu-Ray, so if you want to see every creepy line on that smirking scientist's face, go ahead and catch it in the Arts District.

Personally, I've seen La Jetée enough times. Rather than hopping all over Dallas to watch a man passed out with a bra on his face for 28 minutes, I'd like to take in something new. Chris Marker: You're great, but how stoked are you that Uncle Luke of 2 Live Crew starred in a new version of your classic film? It's pretty much the biggest compliment available.

Luther Campbell took time out of his busy Party Cruise schedule and campaign for President Mayor of Miami to make it happen. Coochie poppin' can be a real time-suck, and yet this film not only reached completion last year, it showed at Sundance.

I missed its DIFF screening, and I'm sure most everyone else did too. It was swept under the freaky rug, shadowed out by bigger movies starring folks who have never dared set foot in Liberty City. This is the version that I want to see.

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