Before Comedy House's Heckler Show, a Look at How the Pros Handle Obnoxious Fans

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Made of felt and douche!

In honor of The Heckler Show this Thursday at Dallas Comedy House, we thought we'd compile a video list of asshats who think they know better than the comedians on stage. No, dumb asses, we aren't laughing with you. But you are entertaining.


Joe Rogan and Mighty Mouse take on the worst of all hecklers -- the Bro.


Don't interrupt Amy Schumer unless you're prepared for her boot in your mouth.


Heckle Steve Hofstetter and you might lose more than your dignity. You might lose your date.


Comedian Bryson Turner reclaims alpha status in just one line. Brilliant.


And what list is complete without Zach Motherfucking Galifianakis? Make sure to watch 'til the end. Genius.

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