Five Local Wedding Trends We Secretly Love

Even a heinous, unlovable spinster like Jennifer Aniston can find a man to overlook her obvious flaws and help shape her into a complete human being again. Thus last weekend's collective sigh of relief at the report of Aniston and beau Justin Theroux's impending nuptials, which detonated a virtual arms race with the contentiously procreative Jolie-Pitts.

But poor Aniston needs our help. And Dallas knows a thing or two about throwing an elegant hitchin.' We just love these totally outrageous local wedding trends, and since Aniston clearly needs all the help she can get, here are some of our favorites.

5. Begrudgingly allowing your man to choose at least one thing. Becoming resigned to the fact that the above photo is what you're going to get.


4. Wearing cowboy boots with your dress because it's so totally cute and unexpected, and no one else is that quirky!


wedding bbq.jpg
3. Serving barbecue as an homage to your down-to-earth roots. (Actually, for real. Who doesn't want to eat some barbecue? The British Guy suggests Pecan Lodge.)


We're just teasin,' Miranda. Get on with your bad self.
2. Knowing that big hair never really goes out.


1. Getting married before you're 23. Oops. Sorry, Jen. Bless your heart.

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I do hope you're kidding.  I love Jennifer Aniston (and lots of brides wear cowboy boots at their wedding - but I'm sure you know that being in Dallas).  From the pictures you are showing, I'm assuming this is a joke post.  Thanks

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