All This Fall You Can Get Drunk on Artinis and Help the Local Art Scene

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Sometimes we wish it were possible to infuse class and sophistication through an IV drip, but until then, we'll keep reaching for the stars, unrequited. The next best thing, however, comes this fall when a host of local restaurants have made it possible to imbibe erudition with special "Artini" cocktails through October 31.

Each restaurant will offer a distinct (TBA) recipe, and you can find them at Jorges Tex Mex, Salum, Komali, Dragonfly, Charlie Palmer, Arcodoro & Pomodoro and The Pyramid Restaurant. $1 of every drink ordered goes to the Dallas Area Cultural Advocacy Coalition (DACAC), which bolsters arts funding on the "local, state and national level" and "provides a voice and representation for the arts community in the public forum."

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