Courtney Kerr, Dallas Fashion Blogger Whose Closet We Covet, Scores Bravo Show

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Sassy fashionista, blogger and breakout star of Most Eligible Dallas, Courtney Kerr has scored her own Bravo show, Courtney Loves Dallas, set for the 2013 lineup.

We're told it will center on Kerr's travails among the "lively Dallas social scene" and her continued search for the "perfect southern gentleman" who has JFK Jr. style hair, a globe in his office and a dog with a masculine-sounding name.

It's easy to tease reality TV, but the truth is this girl can dress. Granted, we can't afford anything she wears -- which she frequently documents on her fashion diary, What Courtney Wore -- but it's a good way to get ideas for trends you can easily knock off.

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ThePosterFormerlyKnownasPaul topcommenter

Proof once again that Dallas is inhabited by women who will not go out and pick up the newspaper until they are dressed and have their makeup on ...


Can we get this one to walk into an airplane propeller, please?

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