The Dark Knight Rises in Dallas: Where to See it in Full IMAX, with Fellow Geeks, Etc.

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Batman, stuck watching Dark Knight Rises on his iPad because he didn't buy early tickets on Fandango
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In a few days, Christopher Nolan's cheek-clawingly anticipated final installment to his Batman saga will be unleashed. If you've been following those moving-picture-things-they release-on-the-web, it looks to go out in cacophonous, gritty bang. So, yes, The Dark Knight Rises opens worldwide, beginning with midnight screenings, on Friday.

But here's an important thing to remember: it boasts over an hour of skyscraper-massive IMAX footage. What the hell does that mean? To put it simply, an hour of the film will be nine times as big as the traditional 35mm film stock. So, to see the film in true IMAX, you'll need to book tickets a theater that broadcasts in the 15/70 format (more on that below).

The good news: there's many ways to see this super blockbuster in Dallas. Let's break them down ...

AMC Northpark, AMC Stonebriar and AMC The Parks are Arlington are showing the film in IMAX, but they'll be projecting digitally. Which means you'll lose some of the inherent quality of the film. For facemelting, maximum bad-assery, I'd recommend booking a seat at one of the two IMAX theaters below.

The Omni in Fort Worth
Tickets: $13 for everyone.

Cinemark 17 on Webb Chapel
Tickets: $13.25 and up for adults.

The Dark Knight Marathon
Another option for the die-hards is to watch Chris Nolan's full saga, back-to-back. Meaning: a screening of Batman Begins, followed by The Dark Knight, followed by a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. Here's where you can do that:

Harkins Southlake's Marathon (7/19)
Tickets: $20 per person
Like the Studio movie grill, the marathon begins at 6 p.m., followed by TDK at 8:45 p.m., followed by a midnight screening of Dark Knight Rises. Also? According to the release, the twenty bucks includes two free small popcorns and an "commemorative Ultimate Dark Knight Marathon lanyard."

Studio Movie Grill (all locations)
Tickets: $25 per person

AMC North Park
Tickets: $25 in digital / $40 to see full trilogy in IMAX (digital).

Advance Screenings / All Around Great 2D Screenings / Midnight Screenings
I Heart Cinema's
Wednesday, July 18 at 9:15 p.m, I Heart's hosting a big, free advance screening on Wednesday. It's the first public audience to see the film in Dallas. Says James Wallace, there'll be a "Costume Contest / Christian Bale Gutteral Bat-Impression Show Down." Bring a cowl, maybe.

If you're looking for a honest-to-emulsion film experience, the Texas Theatre will have midnight screenings (on 7/19) broadcast in 35mm. A good choice if you're looking for a break from the digital, and, you know get tickets for cheap (at $8.50).

Otherwise, The Inwood, The Magnolia, Cinemark 17, AMC Valley View, AMC Stonebriar and Cinemark in Plano all have midnight screenings. Better get tickets as soon as possible though, it looks like midnight showings are all-but-sold out. Good luck.

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so glad Texas is a right to carry state....much more entertaining that trying to watch a movie amidst the glow of audience cell phones texting home and Mexico City.


Watch out for gun-happy Tea Partiers hell-bent on a massacre.


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