Worst of Craigslist: What Makes Good Christian Bitches Go Bad?

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First of all, we're not crazy about tossing around the term "bitch" - at least not outside the context of safe words and "yes ma'ams" - but some asshat writer popularized the phrase in order to capitalize on one of Dallas' most overwrought stereotypes, and it has unfortunately just kind of stuck. But, when this "Missed Connection" from Monday hit our inbox, we had to wonder if there wasn't a bit of truth in La Chenoweth's portrayal on the is-it-or-is-it-not [still canceled, despite the letter-writing campaign and online petition].

Sure, this ... er ... romantic post has all the makings of prime-time drama - there's even a "hint" for a real cliffhanging mystery! But, more than likely another woman has simply given off the wrong message by being all Double-X Chromosomed and whatnot. (Bitches always be toting two of them!) Besides, adultery is only one of the ten commandments when your wife isn't away at church camp, Leviticus 69:69.

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Let me know what I'm missing. I understand GCB's rich potential as satire; but, in execution I worry that it was instead - whether intentionally or not - a glorification of the city's very worst. Rather than condemning a particular anti-culture, it seems instead to lump all Dallas women into a broad and negative stereotype. But, if I'm convinced otherwise, I'll shout _Good Christian Bastards_ from the rooftops.


I really miss Robert Wilonsky writing for the Observer. He just really got the whole GCB thing.


Can you feel the cognitive dissonance?

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