The Immortal Tour Comes To Dallas. Our top Ten Musicians For New Cirque Du Soleil Productions

The word is out: Cirque du Solieil returns to Dallas in June but this time it's thrusting its collective pelvis to an all-Michael Jackson soundtrack. The Immortal Tour was created by Jamie King, a former Jackson tour dancer who's passion for meticulous choreography was developed under Jackson's tutelage. His goal to celebrate the pop icon's life at its most vibrant while pairing with Cirque du Soleil's visual spectacle creates the extravagance of an extended Super Bowl half-time production -- but where the lead musician is absent.

For little Jackson fans who never got to see a live MJ show, this might be the closest thing they'll get to hearing "P.Y.T." blasted in an arena format. But we have to wonder, Cirque has cashed in with the Beatles, and now Michael Jackson. What other musicians could flex a deep enough musical registry to garner an all-Cirque production of their jams? Here's my top ten, what's yours?

10.) The Rolling Stones
It's obvious, sure, but the Stones are a hit machine so you can take your mom or your sweetie to this one. Besides, seeing dozens of areal artists unravel themselves from fabric pods to "Shadow Dancer" would by fly.

9.) Hall and Oates
I'll be the only one in the theater.

8.) Dolly Parton (1970s and '80s exclusively)
She already has her own theme park, Cirque seems like a logical progression for this Tennessee sweetheart. Cirque's Tribute to Parton would be a boot-tapping, feel-good honky tonk of high-flying spectacles adorned in rhinestones and fringe.

The Immortal Tour, Cirque du Soleil
7.) Missy Elliot
Oh yeah Cirque, get your freak on. She's inspired at-home dance sessions for years, let's take it to the next level. European dancers tumbling out of Escalades in high top sneakers would turn that arena into the trippiest night club this world has ever experienced.

6.) Outkast
Can we just party forever and never pay bills and remember that Summer when everyone -- from ankle biters to retirees loved the same music? Can't we rub the scratches out of those old ATLiens and Aquemini albums and make them the backbeat for high-flying, intergalactic acrobats? If so, we might mend our broken world.

5.) Lady Gaga
Meat dresses for everyone.

4.) Madonna
She's already done everything else imaginable in a stage performance, aside from launching a zero-gravity music video to "Vogue," Madonna has few challenges left. Until she creates a portal to the fourth dimension and creates the first all-hologram tour, Cirque would be the perfect platform for this pop monarch.

3.) Snoop Dogg
Cirque mermaids gracefully lifting contortionist limes out of 20-foot-tall mason jars of gin and juice? Sold.

2.) Guided by Voices
A dark horse candidate? Sure. But if I'm sitting through a group's extended playlist, I want it to be GBV. Tight rope walkers: line forms to the left.

1.) Prince
Clearly we've got to leave out a few of those later albums (Chaos and Disorder and 3121, I'm looking at you.), but when considering an over-all collection of work as told through acrobats, Prince wins hands down. Plus, after two hours of immersion in that salacious little purple panty demon's catalog, everyone's getting laid.

Would you see a Michael Jackson Cirque show? Who do you want for the next artist-based production? Stick it in the comments.

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That is expecting, I love and enjoy MJ so much, it is really a pity that I can not attend his concert show, even once, I never make it. This tour just creates another way to me.


"...when considering an over-all collection of work as told through acrobats, Prince wins hands down. Plus, after two hours of immersion in that salacious little purple panty demon's catalog, everyone's getting laid."


Also, you totally wouldn't be the only one at Hall & Oates. Dallas has a whole cover band (The Rich Girls) dedicated to those delectable coiffures.   


Yes! I'd like to plus one for Hall & Oates please. And if the Dolly Parton, Outkast, Missy Elliot was one cohesive production, we can just go ahead and re-title it "Most Perfect Birthday Present Of All Time."

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