This Week in Pet Profiles: Disco the Cat

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Photos by Catherine Downes
Name: Disco (Kitten, Disco-tech, Cute'n)
Age: 1 1/2 years
Owner: DJ TraDeMarx
From: SPCA
Likes: The smell of peppermint, ice cubes, asparagus, pens, bouncy balls.
Dislikes: Moombahton and glitch house (they make her ears go back).

Click below for more photos of Disco, and stay tuned for more local pet profiles to come.



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Staples Coupon Code

it may scare the cat but hey if you have the money go for it. I used to get my favorite show heifer a card and a "cake" on her birthday and alot of the big time stallion owners through bdays for their studs. 

Nikki Loehr
Nikki Loehr

Oh my god I love this you have no idea.

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