Alice Does Dallas: 1976 Musical Comedy Porno Alice in Wonderland Being Rereleased Locally

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Oh dear lord. There were just too many cranked-out uppers and psychedelics circulating in 1976 for anyone to make good decisions. This film, an X-rated (though by modern standards, an 'R') musical-comedy adaptation of Alice in Wonderland was produced by Bill Osco (Mona in 1970 and Flesh Gordon in 1974) and is still one of the highest-grossing adult films in history.

There's not that much fleshy reveal in this Age of Aquarius version of Alice, but there is a lot of singing. And dancing. We can only assume that's what fans of Playboy Playmate Kristine DeBell (Meatballs) appreciated most about her, as a human. (Wow, they really do read it for the articles.) So if you'd always wished that your porn could get a little bit more Broadway with literary undertones, well then put that vision board away and consider it manifested.

Naked Alice has now been exhumed from the dusty catacombs of failed porno and is showing once more on the big screen, but this time at Dallas' own Inwood Theatre at midnight on March 30 and 31. (Most of the actual sexy bits occur off-camera and are alluded to with cartoonish bonky noises or squeaky sounds, but still, don't take your mom.)

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This review is spot on.  The movie, even the 'uncut' version is pretty tame by today's standards, even when new, it was nowhere near an "X" rating.  Hard "R", but definitely soft porn.

If one was to go see it in the theater, the event would likely be more like going to a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" viewing, an excuse to party with like minded people rather than enjoying a so-so movie.  I could just imagine people dressed (or undressed) as their favorite character from the movie and parroting the lines and lyrics.  Hmm, maybe I should go as Humpty Dumpty...


I'm guessing you haven't seen the "latest" version with all of the hard-core footage added back in, it ain't no "R" rating, that's for sure.

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