The Friday Night Lights Movie Will Probably Be Based On Mike Leach's Firing From Texas Tech. Wait. Didn't They Do That Already?

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Friday Night Lights' executive producer Peter Berg sat down with MTV and said that he's "not done with Friday Night Lights." This comes as incredible news, because even after five seasons of television, which were based off a movie, which was based off a book, we're not done either.

Only problem is that after five seasons of television, a movie, and a book, people start to run out of ideas. Coach Eric and Milf Tami live in like Philly now. Julie and Saracen did the whole "teenagers getting married" thing, and they did it right. Tim Riggins went from super sad and hateful to just sort of sad and hateful. What more could we want? And more important, what more could they write?

Enter Mike Leach. The ex-Texas Tech coach got fired in 2009 for allegedly mistreating one of his players, Adam James, putting James in a broom closet after James suffered a concussion. Turns out James, clearly concussed and probably delirious, put himself in a broom closet. Leach didn't mistreat James, and it looks like Leach was probably forced out by the player's father, ESPN college football anchor Craig James, for not playing his entitled, quasi-talentless son enough. Anyways, Mike Leach is now coaching the Washington State Cougars, and it looks like he'll get the last laugh via arbitrarily 3-D drama.

The Mike Leach story sounds eerily similar to FNL's third season, when Coach Eric was pushed out of Dillon High following efforts from JD McCoy's über-rich and overbearing father, Joe, and wound up having to coach Vince Howard and them across town at East Dillon High. It's kind of the same, but more important, also kind of different.

Anyway, we'll count any opportunity to relive Lyla Garrity, Tyra Collette and even the murderous Landry Clarke (Remember that? Wild.) as a win. Odds are the movie will be so good that they'll spin off another five-season television series, cast different characters, and name it Friday Night Lights. You know you'd watch.

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Hooker ghost
Hooker ghost

They should make a movie about how Craig James killed 5 hookers while at SMU.

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