Last Night's Pin Show: Look What The Catwalk Dragged In

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lucy dang.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
Looks by Lucy Dang played with confectionary volume.

Last night the Pin Show's organizers transformed the Fairmont's Regency Ballroom into a spectacle worthy of its two-and-a-half hour runway show. A six-foot wide catwalk stretched out, dividing the room to club-style table seating on one side and rows on the other. The DJ's platform chose no party, instead it was elevated 20 feet directly above the stage. Facinator-style hats, rhinestone eyebrows and some truly fabulous bow ties punctuated the crowd as brightly as the pops from flashbulbs.

The Pin's crew did a miraculous job fitting, accessorizing and timing the amount of looks sent out, but 35 designers was too many. Eventually you're just floating in a fashion cloud, hypnotized by the gel lights. Some lines did manage to remain memorable, even in such a thick stable of competition.

The House of MacGregor.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
House of MacGregor merged fedoras, bow ties and popped collars.
The House of MacGregor
These boys were bundled up and accented with some milliner-grade fedoras, undone bowties in well-picked patterns, popped collars and in a couple of instances, those crazy fingerless gloves from Drive.

This collection pulled the beauty out of the basics by lifting the front hemline mid-thigh on a well-tailored sweater dress and allowing the back to scallop breezily behind her as she exited. A modernized straight-cut black and white top paired with black leggings kept this collection moving in a sleek way that was dressy enough for the main stage but dumb-downable enough for daily wear.

Both the men's and women's offerings from this line were favorites. The boys were done best when patched up with layered vest/shirt and slim-cut pants, though the cowl-neck sweaters, especially when paired with plaid trousers were urban sex appeal at its best.
The Folksie ladies' line expressed the femininity and versatility of separates and proved that knits needn't be dowdy. The immaculate sheer high-neck sweater reappeared in both a poncho-type sleeve and form fitting variety, either could be a staple for any wardrobe. Folksie's designs were also refreshing because they bring out the best of all women's bodies and not simply runway gazelles.

Photo by Jay Barker
D.I.O.S. won't be confined to your idea of fashion.
Deep Inner Orbit Systems makes the cut because it's nice to see someone trying something new and not just rehashing the same old shapes, cuts and patterns -- especially on a runway. It's why we attend shows. Pushing into new territory with insect-esque tube-like shawls, Mad Max-exhumed leather vests, and Arabian Nights on acid, D.I.O.S. offered an intergalactic alternative to the frilly and feminine -- I'm glad the line was presented. That said, if I wore those dresses I would be confused for a Dementor from Harry Potter.

Ashlee Brooks

This sophisticated assortment packed in some great looks: a lovely Victorian-inspired equestrian jacket, a high-waisted maroon pant/black shell combination, and a plum-toned caterpillar-textured cocktail dress. I'd buy all of them. But some oversights occurred with an accidentally see-through dress and a skirt cut so short that the model's rear dipped below the back hem.

Krystal Raqual Designs
This line took it poolside with sun-worshiping tapestry patterns. Whether done with a high neck or a scoop, these looks were charming. One of the series' final components: a light-weight jacket with poofed sleeves, gathered and tailored above the elbow, added a silhouette worthy of its own mention.


While the sexiest and most appealing for most women are this collection's floor-length sheer silks, one of its earlier looks, an updated Thai fishing pant was interesting and gorgeous in its own right.

Rubys & Olives.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
Rubys & Olives catered to both the sweet and the savory side of women's wear.
Rubys & Olives
Pairing short, but lady-like cocktail dresses with capelets added great form to the runway, as did the floor-swishing black and white striped evening piece with red accent pockets. But when R&O dipped into a bad-girl late-'50s/early-'60s era and set a chromatic bra and checkered hotpants combination loose down the isle, my posture improved. Gimmie.

Meg Morgan
Another show with mishaps: I don't want to see the pasties, and the tape that held the model's top half to the garment stretched out like bubble gum on hot concrete. That said, many of the other items were equal parts sophisticated and wearable, and all was forgiven in my mind when a swishy, high-necked late '50s conjuring polkadot summer dress glided by. The inverted pleat detail along the waistline gave lovely definition and left me craving an up-do and a champagne cocktail.

Lucy Dang
This collection took voluminous skirts and inflated them further so that their wearers appeared almost ostrich in their swishiness. Strips of torn, gauzy fabric attached at the waist and waterfalled down the exaggerated party dresses' bottom-halves. They looked like upside-down stemware filled with colorful fluff. Feminine in their fullness and youthful in their stride, these pretty young things were a welcome punch of pastel, one that borderlined on confection.

Mario Alberto
You had me at bronze, gladiator-sleeved, gathered mini skirt cocktail dress, Mario. From color selection to overall design that outfit radiated the best of sweet-meets-sexy and I want it. A chicly bohemian-style billowing blue skirt paired with a sleek, skin-toned top was a nice shape to watch walk the runway. Thankfully the light-sparkling orange high-waisted skirt was saved for last, because that thing would have shut the show down, regardless. It seemed to move on its own, likely due to adding a second tier of volume at the knee. It amplified the best parts of a woman's body while infusing evening wear with lust-worthy color.

Can't get enough? Neither can we. Check out all of the photos from last night's Pin Show on our slideshow.

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Kenya Lloyd

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