Kisses Blown, Hips Slapped At Pin Up Pageant (NSFW)

Burlesque fest 1560.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker

The Dallas Burlesque Festival unrolled its stockings and clicked its garters into place last night for the inaugural Pin Up Pageant. Look out office-dwellers, the following photos contain explosive amounts of sexiness.

burlesque fest 4560.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
I hope she wins best hair!
burlesque fest 3560.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
Ladies and gentlemen, our contestants!
burlesque fest 2560.jpg
Photo by Jay Barker
We have a winner!
Haven't gotten your fix of flirtation? Check out the entire Dallas Observer slideshow here. If you want to experience the event in 3D buy a ticket here; the Dallas Burlesque Festival runs through Sunday and features smokin' hot dames from all over the country.

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Damn, I forgot it was last night! I have a slight pref for the Ruby Revue to the Lollie Bombs. Always fun. 

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